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Editing  |  Proofreading  |  Copywriting and Features


Ruth has over twenty years experience editing content for trade publishers, government organisations, corporations, advocacy groups, trade associations and unions. She has specialised in education and legal editing for government, trade and academic organisations.

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Clients include the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), Cambridge University Press, Department of Education and Training, RMIT University, Deakin University, Law Institute of Victoria, McGraw Hill Education, Victorian Institute of Teaching and Melbourne Books.

When Ruth edits, she optimises communication of intended meaning for the target audience. Editing involves two levels: structural editing and copy editing.

Structural editing looks at big picture concerns such as chapter or section order, balance of content, paragraph order, headings and hierarchy to ensure the best structure for the focus of the work.

Copy editing involves working on the text line by line to ensure clarity of expression, consistency of language and precise grammar for the target audience.

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Ruth has over twenty years’ experience proofreading content for education, trade and legal organisations. She has proofread commercial and legal contracts, legislation, trade books, government reports, annual reports, financial and superannuation reports, association newsletters, research papers and the full range of digital content.

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Clients include the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), Cambridge University Press, Education Services Australia, Publicity Works, The Law Printer, The Law Book Company, Victorian Institute of Teaching, RMIT University and Melbourne Books.

Proofreading is a skill that involves seeing every detail within the text and across the document or website to ensure that it is entirely consistent and without error.

When Ruth proofreads she reads every word and symbol for consistency of expression, meaning and language, and for literals and sense.

Ruth cross checks content, formatting and design. Proofreading is vital for producing clean copy and preventing factual errors and careless expression. There is nothing more off putting than coming across mistakes on a website or a print resource. Clients who care about keeping customers happy use professional proofreaders to check all their copy.

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Copywriting and Features

Ruth produces content for digital platforms and the range of print media. She works to tight briefs for target audiences as well as initiates ideas for content.

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Ruth was arts columnist for the Sunday Age and has been commissioned to write a range of general features and reviews for newspapers, magazines and journals. Publications include Australian Art Review, un.magazine and Photofile Magazine. Ruth has specialised in writing reviews and features about contemporary art.

Ruth has been commissioned to write books, including Australia’s Best Entrepreneurs – Twelve mini-biographies for the Australia Best series, Heinemann Library, 1998. This involved extensive research and conducting interviews with relevant players. She was also commissioned by Victoria Press in 1994 to write Careers in the Media – Twenty-one interviews with journalists, producers and technicians working in radio, print and television. This successful career guide for students of media involved extensive research and interviewing each participant at length, as well as transcribing and editing the interviews.

Ruth has broad experience in interviewing for radio, video and print projects, as well as researching for journals and academic publications.

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